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Septic System Filters

A septic system treats all of the wastewater that comes from your home and goes out through a main line that is connected to your septic system. When the wastewater goes into your tank it goes in the inlet compartment of your tank. This part of the tank holds the solids. These solids settle at the bottom of your tank. The oil and grease float to the top forming a scum layer. The liquid wastewater known as effluent goes into the second compartment of your tank and flows out into your drain field and from there the liquid waste filters through the soil. The soil treats and disperses the wastewater and percolates through the soil into the groundwater.

A septic filter is located in the outlet tee. The filter protects the system by filtering effluent as it leaves the tank. The filter prevents solids and small particles from clogging the drain field. A septic filter should be checked and cleaned every 3-5 years when your tank has a maintenance cleaning done. A maintenance cleaning is very important and will extend the life of your system. Proper maintenance will also prevent your system from breaking down. By taking proper care of your system it could prolong the life of your tank and the life of your drain field which could save you a lot of money in the long run.

You will more than likely have a filter in your septic system if your home was built around 1998 and newer. The reason behind that change is the older septic systems originally had one large compartment not separating the solids from the wastewater. The new design of a septic tank has a wall in the middle. This created the 2 compartments in your tank. The effluent filter is located inside the outlet sanitary "T".

This is the older style concrete septic tank with one large compartment.

This is the newer style septic tank with 2 compartments.

If you are experiencing any of the following, these could be signs that your septic system is failing and it's recommended that you should have an expert from 2 Brothers Septic come out and take a look for you.

  1. Slow drainage

  2. Sounds of gurgling

  3. Standing water over your septic tank

  4. Bright green sponge like grass over your drain field is a sign of failure

  5. Sewage smell

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