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Our Top 5 FAQ's About Septic Systems

15-30 customers, that is about how many we speak to on any given day. Through speaking with our customers we find that a lot of them have asked us the same questions and we wanted to write a short article with the FAQ'S we get asked almost on a daily basis!

Frequently Asked Septic Questions

How Often Should I Pump My Tank?

The Georgia Environmental Health Department recommends having your septic tank pumped and inspected every 3-5 years.

Can I Use Bacteria Additives?

To answer this mildly, no! An interesting and important fact to know, is that your tank actually already has good bacteria in it. Adding unnatural additives and chemicals to your tank is harmful and kills the good bacteria. This will cause a thick layer of sludge and could damage your septic system.

What Is Supposed to Go In My Tank?

You should only flush waste and toilet paper down your system. Anything else can cause clogs and isn't biodegradable.

Can I Plant Over My Septic System?

No, planting will disrupt the system and could cause clogs and roots can penetrate the leach field. It's recommended that you just plant grass seed. If you absolutely want to plant over your septic tank, then please choose shallow rooted plants. But we recommend just planting grass seed.

Why Do I Have Standing Water Over System?

This could be from a rainy season which can make the water tables in the ground high and this can flood the system. You may have a clog in the leach field or a break in the main line.

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