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10 Items That You Shouldn't Flush

Hey there! We go to a lot of calls and all to often we see people putting things down their septic system that doesn't belong there! Your septic system is designed to safely dispose of wastewater. It is an underground tank used for wastewater treatment through waste decomp and drainage.

Many household items that get flushed down your tank are not biodegradable. Thus, this will cause a build up of sludge and waste in your tank and will eventually end up causing your drain field to fail. That solid waste will cause a blockage in your system and the wastewater can't be dispersed into the drain field. Thus, causing that wastewater to come back into your home into your toilets and bathtubs. Then you have to call 2 Brothers Septic to fix your problem.

The List

  1. Grease

  2. Wet wipes

  3. Condoms

  4. Food scraps/coffee grounds

  5. Feminine Products

  6. Drain Cleaners like Drano

  7. Septic Tank Treatments like Rid-x

  8. The nice cushy toilet paper like Quilted Northern

  9. Medications and Chemotherapy drugs (these contaminate the groundwater.)

  10. Excessive water (Don't take baths everyday. This extra water adds stress to your drain field.)

Grease won't break down the same way that waste does. It ends up causing a build up in your main line and this causes wastewater to back up into your house. Think of this like when you eat fatty foods and the cholesterol clogs up your arteries. Its the same for your septic system.

Wet wipes, condoms, feminine products are non-biodegradable. These items won't break down in your tank. Just put these items in the trash.

Food scraps and coffee grounds contain very little to no good bacteria and will just end up clogging your septic filter and your drain field.

Drain cleaners like Drano and "maintenance cleaners" like Rid-x are harmful for your system.Believe it or not, your septic system actually has good bacteria. This good bacteria actually breaks down the solids in your tank and keeps it running smoothly. These chemicals can poison the groundwater and kill the good bacteria in your tank and cause excess build up.

Excessive water usage will cause a lot of stress in your system. Too much water may also overload the system and cause it to fail. The septic system works best when the effluent takes some time in the tank (where the bacteria works on it) before it is emptied into the drainfiled. The measured flow of effluent also gives the wastes time to separate into liquids and solids, with the solids settling at the bottom of the tank. However, when you use too much water, the effluent is likely to flow out of the tank into the drainfield before the biological processes are complete. This can contaminate the drainfield and the surrounding land and structures, such as wells and farms. At the same time, the solids in the effluent may also block effluent the outlets in the tank, potentially damaging them and causing a backup of wastes in your house.

Scott tissue and Cottonelle are the some of the safest toilet papers to use and they break down easier. Quilted and toilet paper that is a 3 or 4 ply take longer to break down in your system. They are so thick it actually makes a cement like consistency in your system and will cause clogs.

By caring for your septic system and having a regular maintenance cleaning done every 3-5 years, you will save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Watch your water usage and show your family members this article and make sure they're aware of what they put down your pipes.

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