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Can you plant a garden over a Septic Drain Field?

So you’ve got a new septic system, the grass has started growing over the drain field, and you’re wondering…can I grow a vegetable garden or plant petunias over my drain field?

Here are the rules of thumb for choosing what to plant over a drain field:

1. Don’t plant a vegetable garden.

Septic fields are generally considered a bad place to plant a vegetable garden. If you must grow food over your drain field, opt for fruiting crops such as tomatoes or cucumbers that you can train to grow off the ground. Ground growing plants could become contaminated by splashing soil.

2. Do plant shallow rooted plants, such as flowers and grass.

Flowers and grass with shallow roots can help filter the bacteria that remains in the soil from a drain field. That being said, don’t get to attached to any landscaping, in case you need a septic repair or new septic system installed, which might require removing plants over the tank.

3. Ensure you don’t plant anything with roots that might disrupt the pipes.

Do not plant trees or bushes over or near a septic system as the roots could become entangled with the septic system and cause major headaches down the line.

When in doubt, err on the side of caution when planting over a drain field or near a septic system. If you’re worried roots may have become entangled with your current system, give a septic expert a call!

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