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Buying A Home With A Septic System

Several months ago, we got a call from a distraught new homeowner. A couple weeks after buying her brand-new home in Winder, GA, she and her family came home to a horrific scene. The septic tank, which was installed before they purchased the house, had backed up due to a shallow drain field. The entire home was covered in 2 inches of septic tank contents.

2 Brothers Septic helped repair the tank and drain field, and insurance covered the damage to the home, but the family’s woes could have been avoided with a proper inspection of the septic tank and drain field before anyone signed on a dotted line.

Just because your septic tank is out of sight, doesn’t mean it should be out of mind. Here are three things to remember when buying a home with a septic system.

1. Do your research.

Find out how a septic system works and the signs that might indicate damage. Maybe the green patch in the yard looks nice, but it could be a sign that water is pooling around the septic tank.

2. Ask the seller about their septic system’s history.

How often did they get their tank pumped? When was the last time there was a leak? Think of it as a “Carfax” for your septic system!

3. Make sure your home inspector is knowledgeable about septic systems.

When in doubt, have your inspector call in a septic system servicing company who are experts in the (drain)field.

So, whether you’re a real estate professional, a future homeowner, or planning to sell your home, remember that a septic system is what keeps the home running and should be properly inspected before any sales take place.

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